Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worthiness, Not Wordiness

I have been frequenting the blogsphere for sometime.

Blogging, in my view, has evolved into an art form of expressing individualism and social activism/agenda. 

If it's detailed, it's already journalism. 

If it's about political correctness, it's diplomacy. 

However, I would like to see more understanding expressed in few sets of words/sentences. Delivering the thought or message in fewer words depicts one's wisdom. 

Readers' interaction through comments depicts a dynamic blog. Diverse interaction from various readers will bring more radiance to the blog. Interaction from a usual set of readers may be viewed as eccentric (not at all cases), for a newcomer. 

The longer the post, the lesser the interest. Communicate the message, not the eloquence of words. 


  1. sir, are you a journalist? i like (so much) the way you used words... short & simple (very). that's make me more interested to read till the end. "yung iba kasing post di ko natatapos sa haba".

    got ur email add, thanks!

    dubai, uae

  2. Jules! Hindi po ako journalist... Oi, collaborate tayo, update mo naman ako about Dubai...

    I'm trying to tackle Kish Island. trying lang ha.

  3. "If it's detailed, it's already journalism. "

    im sorry but i beg to disagree on this one, i know a lot of blogges out there including myself who's into detailed stories and i dont find it journalistic.. (if ther is such a word, i know you know what im thinking and pointing out) there is however truth in what u said that it expresses their individualism... a blogger's heart and soul can be seen from his work.. from his page.. it says a lot about the blogger...

  4. Bakit di ka agree? What's your thoughts on journalism?

    I saw your blog and it's nice... detailed, okay naman. As we are into changes, the journalism style changes as well.

    The style of the 40's, 50's and earlier decades were very, very formal and limited. From 60's onward, media revolutionized into many subject interests kasi technology and contemporary arts increased and diversified. Maraming subculture and counterculture and many sorts of interest and lumitaw. Few examples: Rolling Stone magazine and Playboy have their distinct use of words or 'speak' for their readers.

    Or, Harper's Bazaar (the first fashion magazine) evolved as it witnessed the trends happening. What about MTV?

    Mahabang istorya ito actually, he he he. Yanah sweetie, I still have to assert from your objection. Once it is recorded in public, it's already journalism. You could be referring to Professional Journalism, if you meant content quality.

    You are a journalist of your own respect, yanah. Be proud to post your experiences, flawlessly written or not. What's more valuable is your ability to send the message in public.

  5. i still think that it cant be categorized as journalistic way of writing. its more like creative writing expressing invidualism.


  6. Yanah...

    ok, you win na nga, basta gets ko naman message mo... Merry Christmas pala.

    Are you working in Shj or Dxb? Life is getting more costly and demanding back there in UAE... I wish more earnings to all kabayans. Iwasan ang mga gastusin, ok?

    I remembered AED 500 ni Julius, I only got AED 5 in my entire stay in UAE. Lucky, lucky, lucky...

  7. im working in dxb pero im staying sa sharjah. i commute all the way from sharjah going to work everyday. yup.. cost of living here is really expensive...but what to do? hehehe

    thanks ,....you understand the message i was trying to convey..

    sorry.. makulit lang talaga ako..

  8. I will dedicate an article for you. makulit ka kasi eh... yari ka! ha ha ha.

  9. wahahahahah

    goodluck to that article of yours..