Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing To Something

In the beginning it was nothing,
And that nothing became something.
And, that something went to a nobody.

And, that nobody kept that something.
That nobody realized that there must be done
to this something that he has.

So nobody decided to be somebody.
Now a somebody; to be treated one
is to earn esteem by sharing this something.

That something became a blog
and this blog is for everybody.

- J


  1. greetings from dubai!

    pano ka napadpad sa blogsite ko... di mo na kailangan ipagkalat pa kasi i am much more a blog reader than a writer.

    this one is thought provoking, simple and yet may dating. galing mo... ikaw ang dapat kong irekominda.

    the best din ung title... concepts in progress. dahil araw-araw, sa blogging, may bago... may progress.

  2. Thanks, i appreciate your kind words.

    I saw your blog from your own comments on E's blog.

    I just said, uy taga Dubai ito ha! I am gearing up to write things on Dubai life. Buhay ng pinoy dyan. Collaborate tayo!