Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Multiple Representation Breeds Differences

Photo credits to Wikipilipinas

Firstly, I would like to dedicate this post to a person I consider a friend in the blogsphere. This is for Yanah whom I shared few verbal grind. I find this lady really provoking, but in good spirit, as we communicate on the recent topic posted.  

I'd like to share a piece of experience whilst on my hey-days in Dubai. If you're the type of person who is fond of current community event cum social animal, I'm pretty sure this relates to you. And to those who are not, it's still relevant to you. 

Heard about the following organisations in UAE? Such as: 

1. Bicol Saro (Bicol 1)
2. BisDak (Bisayang Dako or The Great Visayan)
3. Cabalen 
4. Samahang Ilocano
5. Samahang Batangueno

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.... (regional associations)

The first emotion that struck me was this equation: Bewildered + Alienated. 

Well, it's good to be proud of one's root but the older generations had passed us a very bad understanding about Filipino diversity. Visayans are always been a laughing stock with their accents. Tagalogs are too proud yet 'barriotic'. Ilocanos are tight and thrift, often accused of selfishness. Pampanguenos are usually show off or materialistic. etc. etc. etc. 

All of these, as I say again, were told by generations ahead of us. 

If you believe to such, you already allowed yourself to detach from the society. 

If you belong to any regional organizations, subject yourself in the beauty of diversity. 
If you want to represent, set your feet in the interest of every Filipinos. 


  1. why thank you! hehehe

    the only affilitaion i have here is the Singles for Christ..
    you can be proud of youre heritage without bein in this so-called social groups..they say being in those groups, is a home away from home.. well, its their opinions... mine's not based on those.. i enjoy being with ym friends here..with my newfound friends...i dont need to join any other organizations as such to take away the homesicknees im feeling coz no matter how many oraganizatiuons youve joined...hindi mawawala ung homesickness na nararamdaman mo..yeah off topic na.. sorry hahaha

    btw, im half ilocano and half tagalog.. so that makes me... hmmm...barriotic selfish girl in dubai? hahaha

    x links?

  2. Yanah, this topic is purely generated from my observations during my Dubai days. No links to share, unfortunately.

    I just hate such regional divides when our country is on the path of shambles. (even without it)

  3. i totally agree with you on this one...
    no links to share?
    i was thinking of exchanging bloglinks with you..well, can i just add yours to mine???
    please write some more... hehehe

  4. Oh you meant, a co-promotion... Sure!

    I'll put you in my list.