Monday, May 11, 2009

Emerging Certainly, Influential Hopefully... My Response on my nomination

The Dubai Deathspire (a.k.a Burj Dubai) will be soon declared as the tallest building in the world. Do you know how much atrocities and lives lost behind it?

Johnonymous and The Blog
As usual, I publish my articles on a serious tone for the reasons that I want my readers to understand valuable information that I share. Just like many bloggers of the same nature, I wanted to provide an alternative insight -- particularly on Overseas Filipino affairs. Working overseas is not usually the key to personal success. In these modern times, there are many pitfalls in working overseas. 

My collection of past and present knowledge about Middle East life is what I tackle. I have experienced its ups and downs and the many bumpy dune rides. Middle East is a love and mostly hate relationship to me. I have seen bashed domestic helpers stranded in the consulate, a room that force fits a dozen, racism and nationality preferences, pay scale bias, distorted bureaucracy which falls to these words: IGNORANCE, APATHY and INTOLERANCE.  

I want my readers to have an informed decision about investing their time as an overseas worker in the Middle East... Social injustice is rampant on that side of the world... this blog will give you heads up while you're there or getting there. 

Influence and Involvement
My blogging affair started back in early 2008. A friend told me that someone in the blogsphere is on fire, he was wronged by a Filipino (which adds to my shame, and yours too). I have clearly studied the published articles and the person behind it. It was not difficult to know Brian Gorrell from a distance. He presents a strong case, he is credible and simply real. So yeah, Brian Gorrell is an influence to this blog's existence. 

Following my emergence, I have been blog hopping and participating to many discussion. There are a lot of brilliant bloggers of their own interest, from food to fashion and gossips to social activism. I am not a big fan of fashion, vanity and materialism -- I am comfortable with my own fashion sense but some bloggers in that sector are fantastic. Gossip blogs are tempting reads.  I am a fan of the arts and other sorts of creativity but most of all -- my biggest admiration goes to those who are into social causes and positive changes. It's something current and relevant compared to desires of material and insignificant fame. 

Dona Victorina and Reyna Elena are two of the blogs that I am greatly involved. They provide better alternative views compared to what the traditional media in the Philippines present to us. Most traditional media back there are notorious for news manipulation, political correctness, self-serving bias and have underlying business trickery. 

These blogs have different tones but share good taste, logic and awareness. They are not into elitism and pretenses, that's why I like them. I do encourage you to read these blogs I have mentioned. 

Nomination as 1/10 Emerging Bloggers
I am humbled to learn that my blog has caught the attention of veteran bloggers. Brian Gorrell added me to his special section of Social Activism 'must reads'. Reyna Elena decided to include me to his Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers.  

As my friend, Silver, said: Good Social Climbing Pays Off!

To those who voted me, I could not thank you enough. 


  1. Just to let you know... I don't accept thank you. Boylet, yes. hehehe

  2. Dito sa SF marami nyan! Tsk tsk tsk... relocation ang dapat sa 'yo... hahaha...

    Hala! Alsa balutan na manoy! while supplies last.

  3. tsk ang lagay ganun na lang? your thanx is good but we need cash wehehe sa wakas nagpost kana din...
    korek ka dyan, san mo ba ko nakikitang nagbababad? e di sa palasyo...
    nageenjoy ako ng husto dun---
    dati-rati puro serious ang nagcocomment nakakatakot buti nalang nandun si pareng silver at dumating ka kaya totally naging very at home ako.
    the first think that hooks me in reyna elenas palasyo pag dumalaw ka dika iisnabin at talagang iientertain ka, first time na naging athome ako sa isang blog/blogger.
    Amiel is a very talented political writer na talagang matagal kong sinundan at binasa kaso dina nya solo ang victorina,marami ng co-authors so marami na rin klaseng topics,di lang pang politics,pang-sports at pang syowbiz pa.
    Congrats royal minister at sana masama ka sa final 10.

  4. Salamat po! Yeah, Dona Victorina is not handled alone by Amiel but I may say other personalities in their circle have great views! I am a fan of RainB. hehehe...

    In Reyna's case, you really have that feeling that you're at home. And that's why I'm a tambay there... like you.

  5. So this is where the minister lives. Hi Johnny, I'm a recent reader of RE. They keep talking about you there even in your absence. Don't worry, they speak highly of you to a man. ",)

    Dona Victorina - I have not checked this out yet. But I will since it has come highly recommended.

    Nice meeting you, Johnny. ",)

  6. Hahahha....

    Salamat John sa pagmention..

    Congrats at nakasama ka sa manukan ni Reyna, Lee at Reesie...pabili ka na din ng balot sa kanila..LOL.

  7. Congratulations Johnonymous, keep up the good work. Hey, libre mo kaming balot ha? ^_^

  8. Hey Snow! Welcome. Thanks as well!

  9. Thanks Bro...Pramis, dalaw ako lagi dito. ^_^

  10. nag-iisa palang kasi si Amiel nun mahal na ministro aside from Amiel big fan naman ako ni madam kits at ni Andro.

  11. Abah congrat po.. i will be one of your readers... keep this promise dude.. found your blog interesting...

    babalik ako... wait may hinahabol akong post.

  12. Congrats John! Your blog is such an awakening for all of us who have no idea about the situation of foreign workers in the middle east. Your insight is a wake up call to those who are asleep. :D

    I just notice when I stop by at dona victorina, you are one of the collaborators, together with reyna elena. Huwaw!

    Summa Cum Lau Lau ka talga PRE!

  13. ngayon ko lang nalaman na middle east ka pala kapareho ko. tas pareho pala tayo ng interes pagdating sa mga topic pero kahit ganun yung gusto ko iba naman yung laman ng blog ko na umiikot sa pamilya, politika, lifestyle, minsan nonsense lang. kaya minsan nakakahiya talaga makihalubilo sa mga blog na katulad mo/nyo. gayunpaman, minsan hahalungkatin ko ang mga posts mo kasi mukang interesting..

  14. Hi! i still have to submit my vote, of course number 2 ka sa list ko, i know you influenced a lot of people and i found your blog interesting