Monday, May 18, 2009

Barrio Siete dot com is UP!

Yes, it's time for the Barrio to emerge from the rice paddies and give the Filipino Blogsphere a respectable space for those who wanted to be heard. 

We have seen debauchery, pretenses, bias and elitists' jargons in the blogsphere, in which happens to mislead and distort a lot of minds. 

Are you an underdog? 

Do you feel that you're a small voice in the blogsphere? 

Were you disrespected or bullied, in a way, by fellow bloggers? 

Do you like social climbing? 

Do you want to feel relevant in the blogscene? 

Do you have a rags-to-riches story of any sorts

IF ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE YES and BEAR A GOOD MORAL CHARACTER, then let's go back to the barrio and reflect to our good old modest days. Where we're free from pretenses and animosity. 

Everybody is welcome, with or without a barrio experience as long as your feet is on the ground. 

If you want to change your perception about life, to your fellows and your blogging habits. You BETTER BE HERE.

It all started in the Barrio.

After all, there's nothing wrong of having a barriotic background. Join the militia!

All images borrowed from Video 48.


  1. Bwahahahha....ang tigreng taga-bukid! Oh yeah! hahahhahaha......

  2. Haha, naloka ako kay Fernando Poe with the gun!

    Takot lang nila!!

  3. tamang tama sa tema... barriotic posse. Alam mo naman those days sa bukid, FPJ is the most famous celebrity.

  4. hohohoho,
    dapat si silver,balisong, si reyna, itak at ako ay palakol, ala jason. si ressie, nail cutter. hehehe

    The Ca t

  5. Ako naman diyaryong nakatupi, ala Dolphy.

  6. si reesie? nail cutter? hahahaha!

  7. Wow, nice write-up up sa coolest tambayan in the blogosphere. Parang gusto ko rin magbandera ng ganito. Kaso dami na nauna at naka-scoop! Ahahaha. Sayang.

    Pero puede pa rin siguro. Mahina sa balita taga sa amin eh. ",)

  8. nail cutter ako? bwahahahahaha.. sabagay, mahirap ang walang nail cutter.. lol

  9. Hahaha!!!

    Jan: why don't you write the same, pwede naman basta malaman... hehe.

    Reesie: Samahan mo na rin ng Nipper!

  10. nyahahha! oks yung tigreng taga bukid. kopong kopong pa talaga. hahahha!

  11. hahaha!buraot, marami yung source nyan yung si Video 48 sa blogspot. Maraming nakakatuwang mga posters.

  12. Nagagawi na ako sa barrio siete at masaya nga dun. Five out of six questions mo sagot ko e "OO." yung pang huli e di ko pa masagot at di pa nangyayari. hehehe.


  13. ang mga siga ng barrio, armada-cerrado!

  14. Off topic.

    Johnny, I wonder if you could link me up to your site.


  15. napasyal uli dahil na miss ko na rin Ang Panday. pero mas maganda ata ang "Mga tigreng taga-bukid"

  16. Halika na sa Barrio Siete! Yipee! ^_^

  17. Hey Johnny!Anytime! :)
    I just felt really strongly about your post and the comments you were getting, a friend of mine once said 'It's better for some people to look away and pretend they can't see what is going on.' Which is what some of the people commenting were doing.

    Here's the link to make the music play list you want and pick the styles you want
    When you're done with everything you get a html code you have to copy. Then you go to your Blogger Dashboard, Click on layout then Add a gadget, pick HTMLJavascript and then copy the html code you got from the site.

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  19. Sa barrio siete sila ang mga tigreng taga bukid;

    Decios - FPJ

    Bluepanjeet - Romeo Vasquez

    Ka Ramon - Toni ferrer

    Buraot - Joseph Estrada

    Ely - Lauro Delgado


    Rob Angeles - Van de Leon.

    Mga tigreng walang pangil.. he he he

    Jowks lang kapatid.

  20. Sayang naman at orphaned na ang blog na ito...